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Conversational SMS marketing that gets a response.

Take advantage of text’s 98% open rate with SMS marketing campaigns your customers can actually reply to, with measurable results. Plus, building a prior consent opt-in list has never been easier.

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Trusted by over 100,000 businesses and 90 million happy customers.

Send marketing messages people actually want to opt-in lists that build themselves.

Let your list build itself.

With opt-in opportunities built into Podium interactions like Reviews, Payments, and more, your database will naturally grow as you go about business as usual.

Market like a human.

Send marketing messages that feel conversational and live in the same thread you’re already using to build a relationship with individual customers.

Get immediate insights.

Attribution is critical for successful marketing, so Podium makes it easy to measure, view, and maximise results.

"Being able to quickly put together a texting campaign is a game changer for the way we communicate with our customers. We were able to sell out of a workshop in 3 days with the help of a text campaign - something that usually takes a few weeks to do!"

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Robyn Bilson, Marketing Director

Pete's Greenhouse

Want your message heard? Send a message.

The 98% open rate of a text message speaks for itself. In Podium, the text thread is two-way, so the conversation can continue beyond the promo — improving engagement and winning you more business and loyalty.

Get prior consent opt-ins while the iron’s hot.

Navigating regulation to build your list can be intimidating. With Podium, the list will build itself. Podium helps you to add simple opt-in opportunities everywhere your customers interact with you, including within Podium products like Webchat, Reviews, Payments, and Feedback.

Tailor campaigns to your specific needs.

It has never been easier to build compelling text campaigns. SMS marketing is most effective when it feels personal and relevant to the customer, so Podium allows you to market to specific groups, with personalised content.

Effortless management. Immediate results.

Understanding how your SMS marketing campaigns are working is critical. You’ll be able to view digestible results from the Podium Dashboard, so you become a smarter marketer with every campaign.

Do even more with these tools.

  • Reviews

    Text your way to the top of Google.

  • Payments

    Send a text and get paid. That’s it.

  • Webchat

    Gather leads straight from your website.

  • Feedback

    Customer surveys that actually work.

  • Inbox

    Every conversation in one place.

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