COVID-19 Relief Package

Messaging tools that make your business lockdown-proof.

As many Australian small businesses face lockdowns and restrictions, we’ve designed a relief package to help them keep running.

When your doors are closed, texts still get opened.

You can’t control the lockdown, but you can still take control of your business with Podium’s suite of messaging tools, designed to keep you connected with your team and your customers— no matter what comes. Until November 30th, all single-location Podium customers—both new and existing—will receive free access to our Text-to-Pay, Campaigns (limited to 100 recipients per month), Videochat, and Teamchat solutions.



While many things are uncertain, your marketing shouldn't be. Send targeted SMS promotions to up to 100 customers per month with promotional messages that drive repeat business. After all, keeping a customer is cheaper and easier than finding a new one.



Keep money coming in, even when people aren’t going out. With Podium Payments, you can send payment requests via text message rather than asking them to come in or taking credit card information over the phone.



Whether you’re in lockdown or facing restrictions, speak face to face with customers and answer their questions instantly. Keep existing bookings, show products, run viewings, or anything else you’d normally do in person—all from a distance.



Don’t let working from home disconnect you from your customers and your team. Teamchat is designed to keep your team connected in the same platform where you communicate with customers on a daily basis—so that everyone has the context they need for their next conversation.


Make your business lockdown-proof.