Multi-Location and Franchise

Big business happens locally.

Our suite of online tools drive offline revenue for enterprise and franchise businesses everywhere. Whether it’s interacting with leads and customers, collecting reviews and actionable feedback, or collaborating in context with your team, Podium powers every step of the customer journey. Easily integrating with the systems you use already, Podium powers over 100,000 businesses to make business better for you, your employees and your customers.

Product Preview

Convenience at scale.

One for all.

Built to manage every interaction, whether you have ten locations or hundreds across Australia. Not only is our platform an omni-channel and multi-source solution for every interaction, but it also gives organisations a high level view of operations within each location across their business.

Support when you need it.

When you sign up for Podium you’ll have a dedicated support representative whose job is solely focused on delivering top-tier, local service and support.

Scaleable, like you.

Podium is designed to meet the unique needs of your business as you scale and evolve, regardless of what industry you’re in or how many locations you have. Adding new locations or additional solutions is as simple as asking.

"“Podium plays a critical role in helping us to achieve our mission because we can easily manage key interactions with patients. With Podium we’ve been able to dramatically increase the online reputation of our facilities, making it easier for people to find and choose Steward Health Care locations.”"

Lindsey Smelser, Head of Marketing

Steward Health Care

  • Reviews

    Have your locations text their way to the top of Google.

  • Payments

    Send a text and get paid. That’s it.

  • Webchat

    Gather and distribute leads straight from your website.

  • Feedback

    Customer surveys that actually work.

  • Inbox

    Every conversation in one place.

  • Campaigns

    Manage promotions with ease.

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