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New patients are great. Happy patients are even better. Get both with Podium.

No matter your practice type, connect with potential patients, schedule and confirm appointments, grow your online reviews, and collect payments—all through text.


Your patients love you—make it easy for them to show it.

Make it easier for your patients to leave you a review by sending an invite link directly to their text inbox. After all, that’s where they spend their time.

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Your website is the door to your waiting room.

Take them directly from your site to a text thread. Then answer questions, schedule appointments, and follow up after the appointment.

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Paper bills end up in the trash. Text invoices get paid.

Forget slow and outdated methods like mail and over-the-phone payments. Get paid by sending a simple text link directly to the patient’s phone.

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Connect with the tools you already use.

"With Podium, we’ve been able to dramatically increase the online reputation of our facilities, making it easier for people to find and choose Steward Health Care locations.”


Steward Health Care

Lindsay Smelser, Head of Marketing

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