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Developed by: Tri-Tech Retail

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About AIM (Tri-Tech Retail)

Podium can enhance your team’s efficiency by monitoring order statuses and sending text updates. You can also request reviews, and send pickup and repair notifications.

  • Get more leads and improve their online reputation by automatically collecting more reviews
  • Spend less time contacting customers by automatically notifying customers about pickups and repairs
  • Improve customer experience by automatically sending feedback requests
  • Keep customers informed about orders by automatically sending order status updates

AIM (Tri-Tech Retail) and Podium


AIM Version 12 (or later)

Setup Process

  1. When connecting the integration, you will receive your Podium Client ID.
  2. Contact the AIM sales team to enable the Active-e Podium Service.
  3. Complete these steps within your AIM account once the above steps have been completed.

Use cases

  • Notify customers

    When a contract payment was declined via auto payment - a notification is sent to the customer to update their card information.

  • Request a review

    Request a review after an invoice is completed in Tri-Tech (AIM)

  • Notify customers

    The ability to send out notifications to customers from Tri-Tech (AIM).

  • Notify customers

    Repair order is marked as complete in Tri-Tech (AIM), Podium will send out a notification for pick up

  • Notify customers

    Special order is completed in Tri-Tech (AIM), Podium will send out a notification that the item is ready

  • Notify customers

    When a contract has been paid off in full in Tri-Tech (AIM), Podium will send out a notification letting the customer know.